Sirocco I CDCD: SIROCCO VOL.I Still Available

This is Classic Sirocco: the piece Country Dance with arghool, mizmar and nay played by Sulyman with Armando on tabl beledi. This recording is a favorite of bellydancers performing and teaching in the tribal style.

'I was so transfixed (by this music) that I put it under my pillow and listened to it on my Walkman at night when I was sleeping. I love it and use it all the time.
...Carolina Nericcio, director of FatChanceBellyDance.

This is...Middle Eastern music suitable for American tribal style, and still one of the most popular (albums)...I admire them as musicians...Shira's Review

Listen to: 1.Country Dance 2.Arghool

Sirocco II CdCD: SIROCCO VOL.II Still Available

This is hot and spicy bellydance music, with an Arabian cabaret flavor, a delightful Flamenco-Arab bellydance and more Mizmar, Arghool and Drums in the tribal style. Delilah of Seattle as well as many other teachers love and use this CD for their classes.

Listen to: 1. Linda Linda 2.Rumbarabe

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Sirocco III CDCD: SIROCCO VOL. III Still Available

Sirocco travels musically to Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Egypt, Venezuela and Spain playing bellydance and Flameco-bellydance music with guest artists Isabel Tercero and A. Ishmael. Now with a beautiful Tango and exciting Zambra.

Listen to: 1. Zambra, 3. Playa Colorada

Sirocco III CD: $14.95 Buy now

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